Shaping our future together

Shaping our future together

I want to...

Through my projects, I actively take climate action and contribute to the energy transition. Klima-Agence supports me in finding solutions in line with my projects for sustainable housing, renewable energies and mobility, helping me consume more efficiently.

Financial support to help me succeed

Renovating or building my home, finding ecological and economical alternatives to heat my house, generate clean electricity, get around or sustainably managing my woodland: I’m discovering the subsidies I can benefit from!

Why make the switch to electric mobility?


The 100% electric car is the most environmentally-friendly option among all the possible engines.

More about ecomobility and the tools available

60% lower CO2 emissions than a conventional combustion engine car
Lower running costs (energy and maintenance)
Attractive acquisition subsidies (up to €8,000)

How can I actively take climate action and contribute to the energy transition through my projects?
Klima-Agence helps me to find the right solutions for my renovation or new construction projects, for the installation of heating systems that use renewable energies, for the production of clean energy and for sustainable mobility, or even to optimise my daily energy consumption and thus consume less and better.