Heat with renewable energies: step by step

Would you like to heat your home using renewable energies? Follow the key steps to make your project a success.

Key steps to heat my home with renewable energies
PRIOR TO the works
Step 1
I find out about the available grants and get personalised advice from Klima-Agence
Step 2
I compare the heating systems available for my home and take into account the different criteria
Step 3
I contact the selected tradesmen to get first quotes
Step 4
I apply for the necessary authorisations
DURING the works
Step 1
I coordinate and oversee the work
AFTER the works
Step 1
I apply for state subsidies
Step 2
I plan the maintenance and follow-up of the installation
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As a sound alternative to fossil fuels, I choose the sun and the warmth from the earth to heat in an ecological and more economical way.

Heat with renewable energies