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The Klimabonus subsidy programme provides you with financial support for your journey towards a climate-friendly lifestyle. Whether it’s housing, mobility, renewable energies or biodiversity – set the course for a sustainable future today.

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Find out how Klimabonus can support you when building or renovating, commuting without emissions or producing energy. 

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Klimabonus - The Luxembourg government's climate protection programme

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Klimabonus helps finance individual measures to tackle climate change. Klimabonus is the Luxembourg government's subsidy programme offering easily accessible financial support to help us all take action against climate change, whether by making our homes more energy efficient, opting for zero-emission mobility solutions, or managing our environment responsibly. Visit

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Klimabonus hëlleft bei der Finanzéierung vun individuelle Moossname géint de Klimawandel. Klimabonus ass de Fërderprogramm vum Lëtzebuerger Staat a bitt einfach, zougänglech, finanziell Ënnerstëtzung, fir eis all dobäi ze hëllefen dem Klimawandel entgéint ze wierken, sief et andeems mir eist Doheem mei Energieeffizient gestalten, Emissiounsneutral Mobilitéits-Léisunge wielen, oder verantwortungsvoll mat onser Ëmwelt ëmginn. Gitt elo op

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Roof insulation 

For the ideal temperature in summer or winter, I insulate my roof with sustainable materials and technologies. This allows me to take climate action while also improving my energy footprint.

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