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Reducing our environmental footprint 

As a scientist, Charlotte understands climate change, its impacts and implications. She understands the big picture from a scientific perspective. She knows that what she has to do is to live as energy efficiently as she can. She is consistently climate-friendly in all areas of her life: mobility, nutrition, clothing and housing. She herself lives in an apartment, but also owns a second apartment which she rents out. Her properties are in an energy efficient housing complex and she is striving to make further improvements to the entire building.  

Engaging residential neighbours in the energy transition and climate protectiont

To this end, Charlotte is very involved in the homeowners' association meetings and is pushing for the installation of a photovoltaic system.  


The solar energy is to be used as much as possible to charge the residents' e-bikes and e-cars, and the surplus can also be fed into the electricity grid. To achieve this, she does a lot of convincing and advises other owners of the Klimabonus subsidies. She can argue well and strives to improve living conditions sustainably. As a landlord to whom climate protection is very important, she also tries to raise awareness among her tenants of the importance of the projects she is trying to implement within their residence and to inform them about the subsidies they could benefit from.  

Charlotte: A conscientious environmental approach
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