I care about my legacy and my family’s future.

The challenges of renovating a listed home

John will retire in 2 years and lives in an old listed home that he loves.  

He lives in a rural area and fully takes advantage of his surroundings: he drives an electric car, often rides his bike, and enjoys working in his garden. He treasures the time he spends with his granddaughter and shows her the beauty of nature.  

John also often goes fishing and is very observant of nature. He can tell things are changing and that’s why he wants to take action. One of the ways he wants to do this is by renovating his house.  

He wants to make his house more energy efficient for the future and later pass it on, modernised, to the next generation. But first, he wants to live there as comfortably as possible. Sustainability is important to John and makes an effort to reduce his environmental footprint: he adopts sustainable consumer behaviours, such as taking up reusable alternatives including sorting his waste and composting.  

Switching to renewable energies

John’s house is listed, so insulation works would be a bit more complicated. That’s why he focuses on renewable energies. For him, heating with pellets is a viable alternative to fossil-fuelled heating systems and he can replace his old fuel oil tank with a pellet storage room.

The location of his house allows him to harness solar thermal energy, so he can heat his water free of charge and without producing emissions. He is also wondering whether he should install photovoltaics panels to generate electricity.  

John: renovating a listed house and switching from fossil energies to renewables
Renewable energies
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Oil tank removal
Renewable energies
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Pellet or woodchip heating
Renewable energies
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Pellet stove
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Solar hot water
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