Producing electricity on your own balcony

Balcony power plants are small photovoltaic systems that usually consist of only two modules and an inverter and can be easily installed on your balcony. That is why they are also often referred to as "Plug&Play". However, the power of such a plant must not exceed 799 W (inverter power).

How does a balcony solar system work?

The balcony solar system generates electricity with the help of its solar modules and feeds it directly into the domestic power grid. To do this, it is plugged into a normal power socket. The electricity generated can then be consumed directly at home. Any surplus electricity is fed into the public grid, but is not reimbursed.


Technical details of a balcony solar system

The modules must be "CE" certified. A so-called "Wieland plug" (a specialised socket with contacts insulated to the outside) is not mandatory, but is nonetheless recommended for safety reasons.

It is also possible to use second-hand modules that have been professionally refurbished.

As far as the electrical installation is concerned, it must comply with the current safety standards, and in particular it must have a residual-current circuit breaker installed in the circuit.

To ensure that the modules mounted outdoors are not torn off in a storm and that there is no risk of any damage, they must be adequately fastened or fastened with screws.

Ask your municipality about required permits or declarations for the installation of a balcony solar system.


Profitability of a balcony solar system

A balcony power plant can reduce your daily electricity costs and is all the more profitable if you manage to consume the electricity it generates yourself. So check (e.g. on your electricity supplier's customer portal) whether your basic electricity load is sufficient to consume the electricity it would generate. On average, these installations pay for themselves after merely 5 to 6 years and have a comparably low investment barrier, making them fairly accessible and profitable.


Government subsidies for photovoltaic installations on balconies

To benefit from Klimabonus subsidies for the installation of a balcony power plant, the installation has to be carried out by a professional. The financial aid can amount to up to 62.5% of the costs (excluding VAT) with a maximum of €1,562.5/kWp if the offer was signed between the 1st of January 2023 and the 30th of September 2024. The application form must be signed by the professional who installed the system!