Ecomobility: a more sustainable mobility choice

Sustainable mobility (or ecomobility) follows from the concept of sustainable development, which consists of preserving the planet by reducing the impact of mobility on the environment as much as possible, particularly in terms of greenhouse gas emissions. Getting around in a more environmentally friendly way is above all about improving our quality of life and the air around us while reducing noise pollution.


My mobility is all about finding the right combination for my trips

To move around easily, I can combine many means:

  • In addition to producing no CO2 emissions, the bicycle, whether electric or not, is one of the cheapest and fastest means of transport for travelling short distances. And thanks to my mKaart, I can store it in one of the 35 mBoxes available in Luxembourg, located right next to public transport!
  • I prefer public transport: using the bus, tram and train reduces my environmental footprint and avoids traffic jams, while saving money;  
  • I try carpooling: on average 250,000 empty car seats enter Luxembourg City every day. Thanks to carpooling, I share my vehicle with other users and organise joint journeys. In addition to reducing costs and greenhouse gases, this method helps to limit road congestion and traffic jams!

For my remaining motorised journeys, the electric car represents a more ecological and sustainable alternative. And thanks to over 700 Chargy charging stations available throughout the country, I can easily charge my vehicle in frequently visited public places! The location of the charging stations can be found on:

To move around more sustainably, there are a large number of possibilities. For more information on the public transport offer and active mobility in Luxembourg I can consult the website or download the application.


Active mobility, alternative and sustainable transport: it's up to me to create my own combination!

Source: based on Modu 2.0 data