Continuation of state subsidies for the promotion of electromobility

11/08/22 - News

The financial subsidy scheme for zero- and low-carbon vehicles has been extended until 31 March 2024.


The promotion of electromobility remains a key element in the efforts to decarbonise the transport sector. Still aiming at zero-emission mobility and active mobility, the programme will continue to promote fully electric motor vehicles, hydrogen fuel cell vehicles and electric bicycles.

Different subsidies can be requested from the Environment Agency:

  • grant for an electric/hydrogen car: ≤ 18 kWh / 100km, ≤ 20 kWh / 100km (max. 150 kW), ≥ 7 seats and hydrogen electric van
  • grant for a hydrogen electric car > 18 kWh / 100km 
  • grant for quadricycles, motorbikes and mopeds
  • grant for bicycles and pedelec25.

For plug-in hybrid electric cars and vans, the financial subsidies are no longer available from the end of 2021. 
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