Get involved in promoting electromobility and electric transport in Luxembourg

Stroum beweegt: Together for a cleaner future

The initiative "Stroum beweegt - Elektresch an d'Zukunft" aims to create a collaborative approach to promote electric mobility and transport in Luxembourg. Founded by an inter-ministerial working group supported by Klima-Agence, the project brings together various private and public stakeholders to accelerate the decarbonisation of Luxembourg’s transport sector and the shift to electric mobility.

Existing and future national policies in the areas of fleet management, infrastructure and the automotive market are highlighted to create a common ground and positive perception towards a rapidly evolving market.

More than 40 stakeholders from the private and public sectors are already participating in the initiative and are helping to make this vision a reality. The signatories of the charter demonstrate their commitment through projects such as the electrification of their vehicle fleet, the installation of charging stations or the provision of information about electric vehicles.

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