Saving electricity at home

Average electricity consumption of a household

In everyday life, we use a variety of devices that consume electricity. The average electricity consumption of a four-person household in Luxembourg is distributed as follows:

  • TV, hi-fi, PC: 25%.
  • Refrigerator and freezer: 18 %.
  • Lighting: 9 %.
  • Kitchen: 11 %.
  • Tumble dryer: 8 %.
  • Heating circulation pump: 5 %.
  • Washing machine: 6 %.
  • Dishwasher: 3 %.
  • Other: 15 %.




By changing my behaviour, I can reduce my electricity consumption and my electricity bill relatively easily

Sometimes it is necessary to replace a device especially if it has already reached a certain age. When I decide to buy a household device, I look at the European energy label, which shows me the energy consumption of the device. On, I also find a list of the most economical devices to guide my choice based on the energy efficiency classes and my needs.

I compare the prices of electricity providers

To reduce my electricity bill, I compare the prices of the different electricity suppliers. All I have to do is enter my postcode and my annual consumption on The comparison calculator produces a comprehensive list of the offers available for my place of residence and I can choose the offer that suits me best.


Make better use of household devices
Washing machine
Tumble dryer
Fridge / freezer
Air conditioner