Practical guide to the correct planning of heat pump heating systems

Practical guide for tradesmen for heat pump installations

The aim of this practical guide is to provide all tradespeople and planners with a tool that will enable them to plan and carry out the replacement of a heating system with a heat pump in a professional manner. In this way, you can play an active part in the thermal transition in line with national and international climate targets.


A better understanding of heat pump solutions

As specialists in the sector, "we", the Chambre des Métiers, the Ministry of Energy and Klima-Agence would like to put an end to misconceptions such as "a heat pump only works with an underfloor heating system", "most existing buildings are not suitable for low-temperature heating", "when replacing a heating system, a heat pump is far too expensive - it only works with oil and gas".

In fact, there is a heat pump solution to suit " almost " every existing building, whether (partially) renovated or not. It is important to take into account the specific features of the building and the site, as well as the wishes of the residents, during a site visit, and to incorporate these into the choice and design of the appropriate heat pump.

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