Klima-Agence infopoint: inform and raise awareness among your fellow citizens

What is Klima-Agence infopoint

Klima-Agence infopoint is a partnership service offered by Klima-Agence to municipalities wishing to raise awareness and help their residents limit energy consumption in their home, find out about the potential benefits of renewable energies and obtain information on sustainable construction.

This partnership takes the form of a regional framework consisting of one or more municipalities and Klima-Agence. The purpose of Klima-Agence infopoints is to raise awareness and provide information, as well as to offer personalised advice to citizens. This service is financed by Klima-Agence and the municipality.

Currently, no fewer than 100 Luxembourg municipalities actively participate in the national network, which is made up of 22 Klima-Agence infopoints. Thus, the whole scheme allows more than 605,823 inhabitants to benefit from the services offered by the municipalities and Klima-Agence.



This partnership package offers citizens two fundamental advantages. Firstly, it allows them to forge close ties with municipalities; secondly, it enables them to benefit from the expertise provided by Klima-Agence.

In addition, each municipality is able to offer each of its residents a support and information programme that runs in addition to a local energy and climate policy. In this respect, initiatives to raise awareness and provide information can also be created under the Climate Pact.


Raising awareness and providing information

Each Klima-Agence infopoint decides which of the public awareness initiatives proposed by Klima-Agence it wishes to set up: themed evenings, raising awareness in children, exhibitions, Energiepatt, etc. The infopoint is free to use these activities, combine them, or incorporate them into other activities. Access is non-mandatory and free of charge for each resident of the municipality.

A support group (Begleetgrupp) provides the impetus and coordination for the initiatives and activities. The group is made up of representatives of each member municipality of the infopoint. Each is appointed by the respective municipal authorities and they meet as often as necessary.

In order to arouse the interest of the public, a specific communication campaign is set out for each action programme. Therefore, Klima-Agence has a strong visual identity that allows Klima-Agence infopoints to be easily located across the country.

All costs are divided between each infopoint partner. The share reserved for the municipalities is distributed, depending on the type of programme, in proportion to the number of inhabitants or households in the municipality.

Initial energy consultation

On request, every household can receive a personalised basic energy consultation on their building or energy renovation project, renewable energies, everyday energy savings, sustainable construction and financial aid, as well as national and municipal regulations, conducted by telephone or video-conference.

The advice is impartial. An initial assessment will be made to provide information on the specific services and products, to explain the advantages and disadvantages of the possible measures and to improve the energy performance, sustainability and costs of each project.

Please note: this service does not provide the same level of in-depth consultation offered by the energy advisers active on the market. The latter provide a comprehensive analytical report, which will be necessary in order to submit an application for a state subsidy.

Join the network

The Klima-Agence infopoint is always set up on a voluntary basis. Municipalities that are not yet part of an infopoint can either create a new framework with other municipalities that wish to create one, or join an existing infopoint. For any further information, please contact Klima-Agence.