Heating regulations and inspection


The Regulation on Combustion Installations introduces several innovations and some obligationsdefines prescriptions that must be complied with in order to reduce pollutant emissions in the future. These include, in particular, the minimum criteria for the use and control of heating installations using solid, liquid or gaseous fuel and intended for the production of heat and/or hot water. The corresponding ordinance applies to:

  • Combustion plants using solid or liquid fuel with a rated thermal input of more than 7 kW and less than 20 MW
  • Combustion plants firing gaseous fuel with a rated thermal input exceeding 3 MW but less than 20 MW.

Gaseous fuel installations with a rated thermal input between 4 kW and 3 MW are not excluded, but are regulated by the amended Grand-Ducal Regulation of 27 February 2010 on gas-fired combustion installations.

From a legal point of view, the 3 following measures must be complied with:
1. Acceptance
2. Regular inspection
3. one-time energy efficiency check