FEDIL voluntary agreement (2021-2023)

Industries account for approximately 30% of the total energy consumption in Luxembourg (Statec, Energy balance of Luxembourg 2015). Fully aware of the need to manage its energy needs, the industrial sector has responded to the initiative of FEDIL – The Voice of Luxembourg's Industry, which has offered companies with high energy consumption the opportunity to participate in this programme on a voluntary basis since 1996.

The latest version of the Voluntary Agreement between the Luxembourg Government, Klima-Agence GIE and FEDIL to improve energy efficiency in Luxembourg industry has been concluded for the period running from 2021 to the end of 2023.

Currently, around 50 energy-intensive companies from the industrial and tertiary sectors of Luxembourg have signed up to this agreement.

The companies participating in the voluntary agreement have made a commitment to reach a common target of a 4.5% saving in the overall energy efficiency of all participants by the end of 2023.

To achieve this goal, they have implemented a number of actions:

  • each member company will ensure efficient energy management within its organisations;
  • each member company will communicate information annually to the organisation in charge of monitoring energy efficiency;
  • each company will present the monitoring report for the past year to the local management of the member company on an annual basis;
  • before the expiry of the voluntary agreement, each member company shall submit a report of the measures taken;
  • each member company undertakes to carry out an energy audit;
  • each member company must undertake to enrol for training in the field of energy efficiency at a competent training centre;
  • before the expiry of the voluntary agreement, each member company undertakes to participate in an exchange of best practices in the field of energy savings, organised by Klima-Agence and FEDIL;
  • each member company is obliged to consult one or more electricity or natural gas suppliers acting as obligated parties, at least once a year.
Voluntary agreement : Benefits

In return for the effort made and fulfilment of all the aforementioned requirements, companies can benefit from several advantages, including those authorised under European Directive 2003/96/EC on the taxation of energy products and electricity, as well as the support of Klima-Agence via a labour agreement concluded with FEDIL.

Useful documents for member companies

Voluntary agreement: annuel report

Each year, a summary report of the aggregated results is written up based on the monitoring process.

  • 2021 annual report (under the 2021–2023 Voluntary Agreement)
  • 2022 annual report (under the 2021–2023 Voluntary Agreement)

This programme is implemented through a partnership between FEDIL and Klima-Agence.

More information: www.fedil.lu

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