Sharing my photovoltaic electricity in an energy community

How to set up an energy community?

We would like to share the renewable energy produced by one or more of our photovoltaic installations with our neighbours, family or friends. The following informations apply whether the installation is owned by a single owner, several owners or a cooperative.

There are two types of energy communities:

  • the local energy community (sharing renewable energy among grid users separated no more than 300-metres)
  • the national energy community (without geographical restrictions, but without exemption from the grid fees). 

The steps for the creation of the energy community are identical in both cases.

A local energy community is only feasible on the low-voltage network belonging to a single grid operator.


The steps involved in sharing photovoltaic electricity as an energy community
Step 1: we set up an electricity sharing group
Step 2: we decide how to allocate the generated electricity
Step 3: we create an organisation
Step 4: we notify the ILR of the foundation of our energy community
Step 5: we sign an agreement with our electric grid operator
Step 6: if applicable, we arrange a feed-in contract for our surplus electricity
Step 7: we sign an electricity allocation agreement between the members of the energy community
Step 8: we can now use and share the electricity generated by our facilities