Contest Home Expo 2023

I'm renovating my home

Are you planning to renovate your home to improve its energy performance?

By insulating and ventilating your home properly, you can improve your quality of life, reduce your environmental impact and cut your heating bills.

Answer the questions and try to win reimbursement of the costs of an energy consultation by an approved energy advisor, a compulsory step in energy renovation involving several insulation measures, in order to apply for Klimabonus state subsidies.

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Contest rules

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Which insulation measure should be considered first to reduce your energy costs?
Identify the thermal insulation class of residential buildings according to their period of construction:
A house built before 1962
A house built in 2010
A house built after 2017
Why should you install a ventilation system in your home?
Which measure can effectively reduce your heating consumption?
What is the minimum thickness of external insulation required on your façade to qualify for Klimabonus state subsidies?

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