Provide information about the Climate Pact

Bruno Barboni explains in a video how your ambassador plays a key role in your commitment to the Climate Pact.

The ambassador: their role in the Climate Pact

One of the objectives of the new version of the Climate Pact is to strengthen citizen participation in the programme.

The aim is to involve your fellow citizens, businesses and other local and regional stakeholders more in projects relating to the Climate Pact.

Communication tools will also be made available allowing you to communicate more effectively on the topics in question.

Thanks to their role as a coordinator between the various stakeholders in the energy transition, both internal and external to your municipality, the ambassador will offer support to your various departments and external advisers in order to improve the flow of information and, in the long term, optimise communication with citizens.
Your ambassador will hold regular discussions with the Klimateam and the climate advisers and, as such, receive all information on the projects linked to the programme. The ambassador can then share this information with other services, such as the people in charge of your communication strategy, and thus contribute to better levels of communication with your citizens.

The climate advisers and the Klimateam will maintain their roles and will be supported by your ambassador.


Your ambassador also plays an integral role in one of the measures in your Climate Pact catalogue

The creation of an ambassador role, and consequently coordination of the programme's communication, was included in one of the measures in the catalogue. Owing to the role carried out by this contact person, who is in charge of coordinating information relating to the energy transition, the information about the Climate Pact will be shared more effectively internally. Also, citizen-based communication will be optimised in order to achieve the objective of getting citizens involved in your municipality’s efforts to protect the climate and fight global warming.

Your ambassador will therefore earn you points!

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