Sharing solar energy through collective self-consumption

We are currently in the process of installing a photovoltaic system in an apartment building, or already have one, and would like to share and collectively self-consume the generated electricity between several parties. The following information applies whether the installation is owned by an individual or several partners.

The concept of collective self-consumption can be adopted in the following cases:

  • in a residence (several network users in the same building, all connected via a single access point)
  • between neighbours (maximum three network users), where the distance between the two furthest supply or extraction points does not exceed 100 metres.
  • in the specific case of a network user with several supply points (e.g. agricultural, business or industrial premises).

Collective self-consumption is only feasible on the low-voltage network belonging to a single grid operator.


The following steps are necessary for the implementation:
Step 1: We set up an electricity sharing group
Step 2: we decide how to allocate the generated electricity
Step 3: We sign an agreement with our electricity grid operator
Step 4: If applicable, we arrange a feed-in contract for our surplus electricity
Step 5: we sign an electricity allocation agreement between the members of the collective self-consumption group
Step 6: we can use our own electricity
Associated documents

In order to determine the terms of distribution, the remuneration of the distributed electricity, as well as the terms of payment, Klima-Agence provides a template for the creation of a collective self-consumption group.