Best practices in the office: our tips for saving energy in the workplace

Office equipment

When renewing your equipment, choose equipment that meets your needs and consumes as little energy as possible. For example: 

  • For your office needs, opt for a small PC or laptop equipped with a mobile processor (less energy-consuming) instead of a large, oversized tower
  • For your presentations, an LED TV will consume less electricity and heat up the atmosphere less than a projector
  • Go to the Oekotopten website for a selection of environmentally friendly and energy-efficient office and business equipment

Behavioural aspects

Improving energy efficiency is not limited to expensive investments, such as state-of-the-art technical facilities or renewable energy production sites.

Considerable benefits can be made by changing working habits by embracing more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly operations. In fact, well thought-out measures and easily implemented environmentally friendly actions, carried out by all employees or applied to everyday tasks, can have a positive influence on the company's energy performance and finances without the need to undertake large-scale projects. For example: 

  • Turn off the lights in empty room
  • Programme energy-saving profiles on your computers, printers and other devices
  • Set the heating and air-conditioning temperatures as accurately as possible, where possible with weekly programming
  • Avoid heating or cooling premises when their doors or windows are open

Staff training

What daily actions can you implement in your business to maintain or even improve your energy performance?

  • The issue of energy savings must be communicated to employees, especially when training new recruits
  • It is necessary to repeat this advice and disseminate it extensively on a regular basis: organise information meetings and awareness-raising sessions, or reminders in the form of emails or in the company newsletter, etc.

In addition, there are external training courses to raise awareness among staff and to train managers in energy management in companies: energy management (ISO 50001), training courses such as "Energy manager in companies", operational excellence combining the concepts of Lean and energy, etc.