10 common misconceptions about energy renovations

08/05/22 - News
10 common misconceptions about energy renovation
Prejudice 1: too much insulation does not promote a healthy indoor climate and causes mould
Prejudice 2: overly airtight windows prevent air from being renewed and increase the risk of mould formation
Prejudice 3: replacing windows with triple glazing leads to mould formation
Prejudice 4: energy renovations are expensive and not profitable
Prejudice 5: the production of insulating materials consumes more energy than is subsequently saved
Prejudice No. 6: thermal insulation increases fire risks
Prejudice No. 7: old homes are sufficiently insulated
Prejudice No. 8: too much thermal insulation is harmful
Prejudice No. 9: algae grow on insulated facades
Prejudice No. 10: dense walls can no longer breathe